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hCG Weight Maintenance: Closing in on 1.5 Years Maintaining

March 9, 2014

It’s been 16 months since I finished my final round of hCG to get off my 50lbs.  My last round of hCG finished in November 2012.

Just wanted to give a little update with how I look now in March 2014.  I’m about 125lbs most days, and I’m wearing a lose/comfortable size 4.  So that’s it really.  Nothing else exciting to report.  Oh wait of course there is- Crossfit!  How could I forget that.  Yes crossfit is wonderful.  I just had my 2 year crossfit-iversary in January.  When you finish hCG, I highly recommend crossfit as means to getting strong and fit- there’s nothing else like it!

maintain hcg weight loss - 50 lbs still gone after a year and a half

I’m eating pretty clean – my “indulgences” these days are some homemade popcorn, clementines, smoothies made with coconut milk, ice-cubes, fruit, and stevia with some vegan protein powder, and occasionally I have a real treat and go out to thai food – my absolute fav.

I got these results through the use actual hCG injections, which you can purchase here.

Some of you may already know me from my blog – if not, head over there and get yourself a cartload of free info to help you succeed on your own hCG journey!

waist size after hcg diet 25 inches

belly measurements after hcg diet 31 inches

Lets not forget where I started!

Then: Waist 34.75″    Now:  Waist 25.5″   Total: -9.25″ difference

Then: Belly 42.25″     Now:  Belly 31″    Total: -11.25″ difference

before hcg diet waist and belly measurements

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