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Latest Sources for Purchasing hCG Injections for the hCG Diet Protocol Online

September 25, 2017

I wanted to let you know there’s been a recent update to the main online sources for purchasing hCG shots online – there are now 4 legit U.S. sources on my main blog to get hCG injections from and I wanted to just clarify a few common questions about this.

My original youtube video that discussed buying hCG online is oooold now! And the information needs to be updated! But youtube doesn’t let you replace an old video, only lets you delete and create new ones, so that’s irritating.

Answers to Common Questions About Buying hCG Injections Online:

1. You do not need a prior prescription for hCG.

Do NOT. Why? Are you being a stinker and getting hCG without a prescription? No, you’ll have to be a stinker somewhere else. The 4 companies listed on my buy page all have their OWN medical staff – the doctors and nurse practitioners on their staff prescribe you your hCG after you fill out a short online medical intake form. After this your prescription is sent to whichever compounding pharmacy they are working with, and then your hCG order is shipped out directly from the pharmacy.

2. When you order an hCG kit from one of these U.S. sources, it comes with everything you need.

a. Your hCG
b. Your mixing liquid to mix the hCG with
c. Your mixing syringe
d. Your daily dosing syringes (new syringe/needle for each day you inject)

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3. You can’t get hCG in the mail as fast as Amazon Prime

I GET it. I order something from somewhere else aside from Amazon and 4 days later I’m like DUDE where’s my stuff already?? While you can get hCG fairly quickly through the mail online, DO keep in mind that due to

  1. the law
  2. a small company with normal business hours
  3. the mail

You in general can’t get an hCG within just 2 days from ordering it online.

Here’s what needs to happen when you order:

  1. Order and fill out online medical intake form
  2. Doctor/medical personnel calls you to review (required by law)
  3. They then send your approved prescription and order to the pharmacy they use
  4. The pharmacy processes the order
  5. Pharmacy ships out your order

All this has to happen during business hours throughout the week. So while there IS expedited shipping in many cases, that STILL doesn’t mean if you order tuesday evening that you can get it thursday – if the office is just about to close, you’ll likely not talk to the doctor until the following day – depending on what time of day you have that phone call, your order may not go to the pharmacy until the following day.

All that said, they have a pretty streamlined process to get hCG to you as quickly as possible. I just mention this to encourage you to be realistic and patient about this process.

Under normal circumstances, if you were to do your hCG diet program through an actual weight loss clinic, you’d have to first call and make a 1st appointment with the clinic, which may easily be a week or two out since a brick and mortar clinic can only schedule so many physical patient visits per week. With that approach, you would not be able to start hCG until that time anyway. So regardless, this process is still going to be faster.

4. Homeopathic hCG Drops are not the same things as Prescription hCG Hormone

I do not personally believe these are the same thing. Actually we can all agree they are not the same thing, BUT the question is often whether or not these two products achieve the same exact thing. While I can’t be positive, I feel that using the real hormone is the way to be SURE you are getting the results you should. The thing is this- YES homeopathic drops are much cheaper. YES you will likely lose the same amount of scale weight on drops as injections. So how is it different then? The question is, how much of your weight loss is fat and how much is muscle. THIS is where my concern is with homeopathic drops. The hormone is known to preserve lean muscle mass, which is a very important aspect to your ability to MAINTAIN that weight loss long term. Not something worth messing with in my mind.

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