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Maintaining Weight After hCG Diet – 2 Year Update for hCGChica

October 21, 2014

Hey you guys!

I thought it was time I give an update. I will have a very full, very detailed, post on my 2 year anniversary maintaining my weight loss from the hCG Diet protocol on my main website – so please head over there soon to check it out in a few weeks!

Until then, I thought I’d mention a few things I’m up to-

Here’s a picture of me pre-hCG and a a couple photos I just took a couple weeks ago (almost 2 years since the last time I was on the hCG diet) while on a family picnic outing to the mountains.

Before and After hCG Diet - Maintaining 2 years - hcgchica

As you can see, yes, I HAVE been maintaining my weight loss.

This doesn’t mean that it’s been without challenges though. I’ve had both health challenges and occasional emotional challenges to work through- both of these things affect weight. But I have managed through making corrections when necessary to basically stay within a 5 lb range for a full 2 years now, being anywhere between 124-129 lbs. As of today, I am 126.8 or so.

One question that comes up a LOT for me is whether hCG drops or homeopathic drops or hormone free drops do the same thing as the injections.

This is a complicated question for me to answer. The one thing I absolutely do NOT believe in are the hormone free drops. If they work equally as well as the hCG hormone, then essentially we are believing the hCG hormone is a simple placebo. I do not believe this.

I feel if I had eaten 500 calories or less for 6 weeks at a time without real hCG that I would have lost more muscle mass. I went from 34.5% bodyfat, to 17.9% bodyfat percent with hCG Injections using some of the sources on my recommended hCG sources page, per hydrostatic testing. That  might be hard to visualize what that really means. Let me put it another way- I lost almost 2/3 rds of all the actual fat on my body – 40 lbs worth of fat in fact.

The discussion on homeopathic or rx drops vs. injections is a topic for another day, but for now, I’d just like to say that my own personal results were had through the injections with the real hormone. Since I did all the body fat testing while using the injections and have proof of my great results, which the scale doesn’t always tell you WHAT you’re losing- muscle or fat – that is why I feel most confident about recommending the injections.

It can be easy when considering expense, or the results we want, to purchase whatever is cheapest, or to start the diet as soon as possible.

I have come to feel that thinking with this approach when it comes to our body almost always leads to failure in the long term.

If you choose to do this protocol, take your time about it. Take long breaks between your rounds. Seriously. Think about this as a journey. Each chunk you get off is great – then sit and ruminate on that for awhile- take a good long break and let your body normalize, stabilize, and stay healthy. Sometimes if you push things too long and too hard your body starts to develop a chronic weakness because you’re demanding so much. It’s far better to prevent this from happening by doing this protocol in a balanced way. That my best advice to you if you want to get to your goal in a healthy way and stay there.

You WILL achieve results faster than usual with this protocol- so try not to push it even further.

Lastly, invest in using a product that will actually do something in your body. It’s nice that hormone free “hCG” (not sure how they can legally call it that- totally misleading) drops are $30 or something. But is it DOING anything in your body? That’s the whole point of this protocol- that the hormone is changing your feeling of hunger, favoring fat loss over muscle loss, and resetting your hypothalamus.

It IS true that anyone will lose weight on a 500 calorie diet – but what makes real hCG different than no hCG or hormone free hCG is the 3 factors above I just mentioned. It is those 3 things that are essential to making this diet both doable, and able to produce results that last.

Well, that’s my spiel for tonight. I hope that helps!

– Rayzel

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